The Classical World


Black-Figure Eye Cup Greek, Attic (Chalcidizing), ca.
530–520 BC. Ceramic; H. 10 cm. Tampa Museum of Art,
Joseph Veach Noble Collection, purchased in part with funds
donated by Craig and Mary Wood 1986.051.

The Classical World showcases Greek, Etruscan, and Roman artworks and artifacts from the Museum’s notable antiquities collection, supplemented with important loans from local private collectors. Ranging from prehistoric pottery and sculpture (dating from as early as 3000 BC) to marble sculpture and terracotta from the Roman Empire (dating to as late as the 5th century AD), the exhibition includes a particularly fine assortment of Greek and South Italian black-figure and red-figure vases. Important works in the antiquities collection are highlighted as part of the exhibition, The Making of a Museum: 100 Years, 100 Works.