Permanent Collection

Modern & Contemporary Art Close (American, born 1940) Self-portrait Composite Sixteen Parts, 1987 Dye diffusion Polaroid (black/white)
The Tampa Museum of Art has a long-standing tradition of collecting in the areas of modern and contemporary art, with a specific focus on photography since the 1980s. Read more.

Greek & Roman Antiquities Eye Cup Greek, Attic (Chalcidizing), ca. 530-520 B.C. Ceramic Please note that our entire Permanent Collection is not always on view. To see what is currently on display in our galleries, click here.
The Tampa Museum of Art houses an important permanent collection of classical antiquities—well over 500 ancient artworks and artifacts spanning several millennia (ca. 3000 B.C.-A.D. 500).  We have a range of cultures and media, from marble Cycladic figurines of the Early Bronze Age to terracottas of the late Roman Empire. Read more