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Due to Covid – 19,the Tampa Museum of Art Youth Council wasn’t able to host our annual student exhibition last year. But this year, we decided to showcase student art by incorporating it as a pop-up exhibition at the Silent Disco and featuring each selected piece in the first edition of “The Student Edit”, our teen curated magazine. To commemorate this new change in not only this program, but this whole year, the theme for the exhibition will be Change/Transformation.

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Change is a constant in everything around us: changes in our environment, changes in our relationships, or even changes in ourselves. Change is a fear for many because of the infinite amount of possibilities and going into something unknown. But it could also come with the potential to encounter new opportunities. In this exhibition, we challenge you to explore the ideas of change and transformation through your art. How does your art express your perspective on how change has affected your life?


Submissions open – September 6 

Submission deadline – October 16


All 2D work must be no larger than 16×20 and 3D pieces must be able to comfortably be displayed on a table. Selected works must be Delivered to the Museum and ready to be displayed by Saturday, October 23rd. The Youth Council will photograph works to be included in the Student Edit and then display them during the Silent Disco Pop-Up Exhibition celebration.

*The Youth Council will be happy to help with framing and mounting. Email us to let us know how we can help.

  • 2D works must be no larger than 18x24 
  • 3D works must be table top sized and  weigh under 15lbs
  • All works must be original works of artand cannot violate any U.S. copyright laws  
  • Artists can submit multiple original works, but only one work per artist may be accepted into the exhibition 
  • Artwork should not contain profane or obscene words or images that the general public would find objectionable or would offend religious, ethnic, cultural, gender or racial groups
  • Quality, craftsmanship, and execution
  • Mastery of style and medium
  • Application of theme
  • Originality of concept and execution
  • Depth and execution of concept
  • Artist statement

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