Tampa Museum of Art


The general object and purpose of the Tampa Museum of Art Foundation, Inc. is to raise, receive and maintain funds of real property or personal property, or both, and to distribute and administer the funds, including any income or interest generated therefrom, exclusively for the benefit of Tampa Museum of Art, Inc., The Foundation operates as a supporting organization dedicated to fund raising and solicitation of funds from the general public to sustain and support the Museum, and the holding, management, investment and distribution of endowment funds and the earnings to sustain and support the programs of the Museum.

Foundation Board

Ray Ifert, President

Frank Cardinal, Vice President

John Watts, Treasurer

Chad Callahan, Secretary

Allison Casper Adams, TMA Chair

Mark Anderson

Marc Baumann

Frank Bonsack

Carlton Carter

Pat Carter

David Christian

Cornelia Corbett

Jim Degenhardt

Stephen Dickey

A. G. “Jerry” Divers

Margo Eure

Dean Hamric

Peter Hepner

Mary Perry

Chris Phillips

Martin Silbiger

Penny Vinik

Ed Waller

Debra Williams McDaniel