Sono Café


Sono Café overlooks the banks of the Hillsborough River and is accessible to all visitors through an admission-free entrance. The café has a seating capacity of approximately 75, including outdoor tables overlooking the river.

Sono Café  embraces the ‘Slow Food Movement,’ which counters fast food, and fast life, and invites guests to slow down and enjoy their dining experience with all the sensations that accompany the consumption of good food and quality ingredients in a comforting environment.

The menu of Sono Café is rooted in Italy – where the concept of ‘Slow Food’ was founded in 1989 – and will offer guests a range of choices from wine to dessert, and everything in between.  Sono Café is Tampa’s downtown hub during the week, and a key destination for weekend visitors and downtown residents alike.  Sono Café is operated by Mise en Place of Tampa.

For reservations please call: 813-421-8384 or reserve online. 

Note: Free Wi-Fi Available.


Hours of Operation

gelato_2  Monday – Thursday

  Lunch 11-3/ Happy Hour 4-6



  Lunch 11-5/ Dinner 5-8


  Saturday & Sunday

  Lunch 11-5/ Brunch 11-3