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The Tampa Museum of Art offers teachers opportunities to connect art to the classroom with a variety of events, student exhibitions, and school group tours. The Museum’s objective is to provide teachers with the means to make the Museum an extension of the classroom.

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Docent-led, 1-12 grade tours focus on connecting students with the Museum’s collections and special exhibitions with students’ classroom curriculum and inspiring an understanding and appreciation of the visual arts. Students are encouraged to use critical thinking and viewing skills to connect with the art on view and to discover how it relates to their studies and life experiences. Tours are led by volunteer docents trained by Museum Education Department staff to deliver tours based on current museum pedagogical theory. Submit a tour request form to be contacted by a member of the education staff who will help you plan your school’s visit.

School tours are offered beginning as early as 10:00am.

All school groups receive free student admission during teacher-scheduled field trips.

When you complete your tour request form, you will be asked to select one of the following tour themes.


Art and…

Tour themes are based on the Florida State Standards and customized to fit your classrooms needs. When you select your tour theme, please consider how this tour will connect with your classroom. Curricular connections and applicable standards are detailed in each theme’s accompanying lesson plan. We are happy to work with you to design a tour around a standard of your choosing.


Art and Looking

Focus on having meaningful discussions that follow the standards for speaking and listening as you discuss the elements of art. This highlights tour takes students through significant works of art on view in both the permanent antiquities collection and the rotating modern and contemporary exhibitions. Recommended as an introduction to museums and the basic elements of composition and materials.


Art and Process

Materials, ideas, processes, composition, and message all play a role in artistic creation. Look at media and method as it was used in antiquities and/or modern art. Recommended for those making and studying art.


Art and Careers

Museums offer a wide variety of career opportunities. Explore the different roles individuals play at the Museum as you look at the artwork on view. Students will learn what curators, educators, conservators, and other employees do to keep the Museum running and to protect the art. Recommended for all students interested in the arts.


Art and Today

Explore the rotating modern and/or contemporary exhibitions. Look at how modern and contemporary artists innovate and react to current culture and societal shifts. Recommended for classes studying modern cultures as well as art.


Art and the Ancient World

Focus on the iconography and objects of the ancient Greeks and Romans as you explore The Classical World. Learn about Greek and Roman artifacts within their artistic, social, religious, economic, and political contexts. Explore artifacts from an archaeological perspective. Recommended for students studying ancient cultures.


Art and Storytelling

The Ancient Greeks and Romans told stories to explain the unexplainable. Modern artists use well known stories to convey new messages. Explore the stories told through artistic depiction by ancient and/or modern artists. Recommended for students studying stories, fables, and myths.


Art and Society

Artists create masterworks as a reaction to the societies in which they live. Look at art from antiquity and/or today and discover what these primary sources say about the era in which they were created. Recommended for social studies and art students.


Art and Structures

Look for the underlying math that makes artwork complete. Explore how symmetry, line, shapes, scale, and proportion support an artist’s overall vision. Recommended for students studying math and/or art.


Student Exhibitions

The Tampa Museum of Art is proud to host a number of student exhibitions throughout the school year. The exhibitions highlight the young talent we have in the Tampa Bay area, from elementary to high school. We invite educators to submit their students’ works whenever appropriate.

Scheduled Student Exhibitions for the 2016-17 school year


VSA Arts – December 2016

The Tampa Museum of Art is honored to give Hillsborough County ESE students taking part in an artist residency provided by VSA Florida a showcase for their artistic endeavors.


Young @ Art – January 2017

This Student Exhibition features the work of young artists in elementary and middle school. We invite Tampa Bay area elementary and middle schools to select one work of art to be featured in this exciting exhibition. A reception will be held in January to celebrate the artists and their works. The exhibition will be on view in the Golding-Scher Classroom and is free to the public.

Delivery Deadlines:

Public Schools – on or before Monday, December 14 – Deliver work to Dana Warner, Art Supervisor, ROSSAC, Route 7 (in person or school mail)

Private & Charter Schools – Friday, December 16 – Deliver work directly to Security Office at the Tampa Museum of Art.

Online Entry Form: https://goo.gl/LDgQcF

Reception: Sunday, January 15, 2017 1:00-2:30p, presentation at 1:30p


Next Generation and 14th Congressional High School Art Exhibition – Spring 2017

This annual high school juried art exhibition features exemplary work created by high school students throughout Hillsborough County and the 14th Congressional District. Students compete for two top prizes, the Museum Choice Award and the Congressional Choice Award. The artwork selected for the Congressional Choice Award will represent the 14th Congressional District in the Congressional High School Art Competition, which hangs in the Cannon Tunnel of the U.S. Capitol for one year.


National Art Honors Society Exhibition – Spring 2017

Does your school have a NAHS? Submit an application to hold your end of the exhibition at the Tampa Museum of Art. More information to come.

For further information on student exhibition guidelines and deadlines contact Brittny Bevel.


Teacher Previews

Everyone loves a night at the Museum.

Our teacher preview events showcase our upcoming or newly opened exhibitions and allow teachers to determine how each exhibition can complement their lesson plans. All Hillsborough County public and private school teachers are invited. Educators will receive a reception with light bites and a cash bar, an overview of current exhibitions by the Education Curator, free admission to the galleries, a chance to meet some of our skilled docents, and 10% off at the Museum Store on the night of the event.

Upcoming Teacher Preview:

October 18, 2016, 5-7:00p

The events are free for teachers, but reservations are required. Private school teachers should respond to Michele Laws at least one week before each event. Hillsborough County Public School teachers should respond to Dana Warner, Art Supervisor, K-12, Hillsborough County Public Schools.


More Information

For more information on any of the events, programs, and exhibitions for students and teachers, please contact Brittny Bevel.