Tampa Museum of Art

New Exhibition to open June 10

Posted on: April 19th, 2016

Peter Max: 50 Years of Cosmic Dreaming

The work of pop art icon Peter Max will soon be unveiled in downtown Tampa with an exhibition that reflects 50 years of Max’s iconic works. 

Michael Tomor, Tampa Museum of Art Executive Director, commented, “Peter Max, known to millions across the world for his universally recognized color saturated, animated prints and paintings, has kept pop art alive and vibrant for over a half century.  Among thousands of artists who participated in the Psychedelic, Pop Culture, Age of Aquarius era, Max found a way to remain relevant across generations, continuing to appeal to a public craving visuals that transcend place and time.  Reconsidering a lifetime of work over fifty years of this artistic phenomenon allows the Tampa Museum of Art to share with and better inform the general public about his long standing appeal across cultures, ages, and eras.”

Peter Max: 50 Years of Cosmic Dreaming celebrates this 20th century pop culture icon with 90 works spanning fifty years. Max’s use of bold colors and uplifting images has captured and inspired the imaginations of the public from the early 1960s through the 2010s. This exhibition will be on view June 10 through September 11, 2016.