Tampa Museum of Art

Accolades to our very own Executive Director Michael Tomor

Posted on: April 19th, 2016

Dr. Tomor is the recipient of the 2016 Alumni Award in Art History from the College of Arts & Architecture at his alma mater, Pennsylvania State University. 

He is truly a product of Penn State, having earned his ’83 B.A., ’90 M.A., and ’93 Ph.D. in art history from our university.  In his professional career of over two decades he has excelled in museum administration with a human conscious.  He started in 1994, as the Chief Curator of the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in southwestern Pennsylvania and between 2000-2006 became the museum’s Executive Director.  He gave back to Penn State during this period as Chair of the College of Arts & Architecture Alumni Board.  Dr. Tomor then left Pennsylvania to become Director of the El Paso Museum of Art in Texas between 2006 and 2015, where he created innovative community engagement projects for those suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome, depression, and trauma to connect with the art museum’s programs and exhibitions.  At El Paso, Dr. Tomor also launched a visiting masterpiece series with New York’s Guggenheim Museum of Art.  In April 2015, Dr. Tomor undertook a new challenge as the Executive Director of the Tampa Museum of Art in Florida where he is continuing his successful management, strategic planning and funding raising skills to greater integrate the museum into the cultural and community life of greater Tampa.