My Generation: Young Chinese Artists


My Generation: Young Chinese Artists is the first U.S. exhibition to focus solely on the post-Mao generation of Chinese artists and offers a look at how China’s mega-development has impacted its youth culture and spawned new art trends. The exhibition is curated by noted contemporary Chinese art expert Barbara Pollack.

Featuring 27 artists from mainland China who were born after the death of Mao and during the One Child Policy era, the exhibition examines five broad themes: relationships, the family, politics, the environment, and religion, and reflects the values of a generation of artists who grew up as China was becoming ever more international in its outlook. This exhibition demonstrates how young Chinese artists are breaking out in ways that challenge and defy the styles of an older generation of Chinese artists already known in the west.

Over 100 young artists from every region of China in preparation for this exhibition were interviewed. The artists in the exhibition are Birdhead, Chen Wei, Chi Peng, Cui Jie, Double Fly Art Center, Fang Lu, Guo Hongwei, Hu Xiangqian, Hu Xiaoyuan, Huang Ran, Irrelevant Commission, Jin Shan, Liang Yuanwei, Liu Chuang, Liu Di, Lu Fang, Ma Qiusha, Qiu Xiaofei, Shi Zhiying, Song Kun, Sun Xun, Wang Yuyang, Xu Zhen (MadeIn), Yan Xing, Zhang Ding, Zhao Zhao, and Zhou Yilun. (Learn more through  The China Symposium on Contemporary Chinese Art   )

My Generation is a single show divided between the Tampa Museum of Art and Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg. It will be on view at both museums concurrently. The exhibition will travel to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art where it will be on view from October 24, 2014 through January 18, 2015.

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Additional support for the presentation at both museums is provided by Astral Extracts, Cynthia Astrack, and Xinglong Tianlihai Flavors and Fragrances. Media support is provided by WUSF Radio. Support for the presentation in Tampa is provided by the Arts Council of Hillsborough County, Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners. 5ArtsCouncilHills [Converted]

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